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Introducing Droid Brain One

Hardware agnostic digital brain for industrial automation. Automate anything. Anytime. Anywhere.

FILM – “The Vision”

“Imagine AI with the curiosity of a child…”

SICS is not just participating in the AI evolution. We’re at the forefront. 
The Vision visualizes today’s status and tomorrow’s goals for a rising company.


SICS’ Droid Brain One integrated with Cognibotics HKM1800 pick-and-place robot
is a complete intralogistic flexible AI robot solution to automate complex picking
and placing processes regardless of warehouse environment and article variation.

2000 Picks per hour

Pick Anything!
SKU Size from one cm to one meter.
Automatic learning of new SKUs.
Any shape – bottles, plastic, bag, boxes.

80 % Cost savings

Pick Anywhere!
Capable of controlling any robot Integration with any WMS Robust relation to environment.

99.9 % Pick accuracy

Pick Anytime!
Complete 24/7 operation. Monitoring, damage control. Inventory, defragmentation.


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