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Today's Highlight: Collaboration with Cognibotics

Munich, Germany, June 27, 2023: In a remarkable union of AI and robotics, SICS.AI collaborates with Cognibotics, and today we present the HKM 1800. The HKM 1800 is an ultra-high-performance robot, unveiled for the first time at the Automatica fair. This revolutionary pick-and-place robot can handle complex tasks four times faster than a human, opening up endless possibilities for material handling, especially in warehouse and distribution center environments.

Our software, the 'robot brain', empowers the HKM 1800, allowing rapid adaptation to new inventory items in real time and providing optional damaged goods identification. This seamless integration ensures 24/7 operations with exceptional accuracy.

Our Founder, Karim Nouira, comments on our collaboration with Cognibotics: “We work towards a disruption in automation through next-generation AI, redefining the boundaries of what robots can achieve. It is a pleasure to unite the power with a company sharing the same vision.”

For more detailed information on this game-changing robot and our collaboration with Cognibotics, refer to the full press release.

Read the Press Release Here

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